Talk Therapy Interventions include therapeutic techniques where conversational methods are used to address the issue that an older child or adolescent is bringing forward as a concern for them.  Donna combines psychodynamic therapy techniques to promote insight and understanding, with cognitive-behavioural therapy techniques to assist in problem-solving.

- Trauma and loss resulting from divorce, death, illness, substance-abuse in the family, sexual abuse or an accident

- Anxiety and/or Depression

- Self-Esteem

- Self-Harm

- Body Image

- Social Skills

- Emotional/Behavioural Concerns

- Parental Attachment (Including Adoption Transitions)

Play Therapy Interventions are based on the belief that a child's language is the language of play.  These interventions many include art, story-telling, sand tray therapy, therapeutic games, puppetry, and play acting.  Emotions and life stories are then expressed and told using non-verbal means, or spoken but held within a metaphor.  Play Therapy Interventions are best, due to cognitive and language development stage, to allow younger children (approximately 4-11 years) to express their emotions.  Play therapy can also be highly effective for adolescents and adults when verbal expression regarding a difficult situation (trauma) is a struggle.  With their agreement, Donna often uses art, story-telling, poetry or sand tray interventions in combination with talk therapy when working with adolescents or young adults.


what is Play therapy?



Play and Talk Therapy

for children and adolescents

Donna Starling, MSW, RSW, CPT-S

Registered Social Worker

Certified Play Therapist and Supervisor