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What is Talk Therapy?

What is Play Therapy?

Talk Therapy & Play Therapy for Children, Teens & Young Adults

- Trauma and loss resulting from divorce, death, illness, substance abuse in the family, sexual abuse or an accident
- Anxiety and/or Depression

-Anger Insight/Coping 
- Self-Esteem
- Self-Harm
- Body Image
- Social Skills
- Emotional/Behavioural Issues 
- Parental Attachment (Including Adoption Transitions)

Based on your choice, Donna provid‚Äčes therapy in the office, outdoors or on-line.

Play therapy can also be provided, throughout all seasons, in a nature-based format for younger children.

Talk Therapy Interventions include therapeutic techniques where conversational methods are used to address the issue that an older child or adolescent is bringing forward as a concern for them.  Donna combines psychodynamic therapy techniques to promote insight and understanding, with cognitive-behavioural therapy techniques to assist in problem-solving.

As appropriate, the support system of each person is defined with them.  How to include various supports, whether other family members, friends and/or activities, is an important part of the therapy process.

Play Therapy Interventions are based on the belief that a child's language is the language of play.  These interventions many include art, story-telling, sand tray therapy, therapeutic games, puppetry, and play acting.  Emotions and life stories are then expressed and told using non-verbal means, or spoken but held within a metaphor.  Play Therapy Interventions are best, due to cognitive and language development stage, to allow younger children (approximately 4-11 years) to express their emotions.  Play therapy, especially art and sand tray therapy, can also be highly effective for adolescents and adults when verbal expression regarding a difficult situation (trauma) is a struggle.  

Donna Starling MSW, RSW, CPT-S

Registered Social Worker

Certified Play Therapist and Supervisor