Teen & Young Adult Therapy 

Child therapy includes directive and non-directive play therapy provided to children, approximately 4-11 years old. We believe in the power of integrated therapy services, employing a variety of therapeutic techniques best suited to the unique goals, strengths and needs of each child. These interventions may include art, story-telling, sand tray therapy, therapeutic games, puppetry, and play acting. We strongly believe it is an absolute privilege and honour to be invited into the lives and imaginations of young people. 

Child Therapy

Therapy for teens and young adults involves the use of both play and talk therapy techniques. To establish a safe space for teens and young adults to express themselves, we employ a strengths-based approach, believing that every young person is the expert in their own lives. Based on the unique goals and needs of each young person, we use elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT),  Mindfulness and expressive therapies. 

Areas of Experience

Group Therapy 

Sessions are available in-office, virtually or outdoors.  Outdoor sessions can be nature-based play therapy, or "walk and talk" nature-based talk therapy.

- Trauma and loss resulting from divorce, death, illness, substance abuse in the family, sexual abuse or an accident
- Anxiety and/or Depression

- Anger Insight/Coping 
- Self-Esteem
- Self-Harm
- Body Image
- Social Skills
- Emotional/Behavioural Issues 
- Parental Attachment (Including Adoption Transitions)

Sometimes working within a group context is a wonderful way to generate insights from shared experiences and remind ourselves that we are not alone as we explore issues.  The availability of groups and the types of groups offered, vary throughout the year.  We offer parenting groups as well as groups for children, teens and young adults.  Each group is co-facilitated by Lindsay and Donna.  Please refer to the FAQ page for available groups and how to register.